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Tuesday 9th October, 2012 at 7.15pm
Dr Margaret Newson, Clinical Neuropsychologist will discuss “Epilepsy and it’s impact on memory”

Tuesday 13th November, 2012 at 7.15pm
Dr Howard Faulkner Consultant Neurologist and Epileptologist. Topic to be confirmed

Tuesday 11th December, 2012 at 7.15pm
Regular monthly meeting


Tuesday 11th September, 2012 at 7.15pm
Mr David Sandeman Consultant Neurosurgeon talks about the pioneering epilepsy surgery programme at Frenchay NHS Hospital in Bristol.


Suggestions for Speakers or Events

If you are interested in hearing a speaker talk about a specific Epilepsy subject, or have a cool idea for an event, please bring your ideas and suggestions to the next meeting. Or alternately, e-mail us at:  and we shall get back in touch with you, once we’ve looked over your idea.

As an example: In the past we have organised speakers on brain surgery, support organisations, consultants and doctors, as well as hearing from people with Epilepsy.

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