Dr/Consultant Howard Faulkner, is a Epilepsy Neuro-Consultant in Bristol. In this podcast recording, Dr Faulkner talks about WOMEN AND EPILEPSY, providing a great insight and information in how Epilepsy and Seizures effect the female body, at all ages. [mejsaudio src="http://archive.org/download/Episode4WomenAndEpilepsy.APodcastFromBristolEpilepsyUk/ep4_womenandepilepsy_nov2012.output.mp3"] Podcast Duration: 1 Hour Podcast Recorded: November 2012 Podcast Recorded at: Bristol Epilepsy Support Group Monthly … Continue reading PODCAST: Episode 4 – EPILEPSY AND WOMEN


PODCAST: Episode 1 | UK Epilepsy Podcast

This podcast series recorded, produced and presented by Sam Downie of Dsoundz Media and co-hosted with @AlastairMillen . In which they talk about epilepsy and the various aspects of the condition. Episode 01: Talk About It Date of Podcast: 5th September, 2012 Audio Duration: 1 Hour [mejsaudio src="http://archive.org/download/EpilepsyUkChatEpisode01Talkaboutit/epilepsy_podcast01_sept9_2012_talkaboutit.mp3"] In this 1 hour podcast Sam and Alastair talk about their … Continue reading PODCAST: Episode 1 | UK Epilepsy Podcast