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Talk About It Podcast : Episode 1

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Actor Greg Grunberg (A Star Is Born, Star Wars, Star Trek, Heroes, Alias) takes the Talk About It organization to the next level with this brand new podcast!

In this episode, he sits down with filmmakers such as director JJ Abrams (Star Wars, Star Trek) and celebrities that use their platforms to help remove the stigma of Epilepsy and promote the spreading of knowledge about the condition.

About This Show
Talk About It! – The Podcast, hosted by Greg Grunberg and produced by the Epilepsy Foundation, is a new and exciting way to help raise epilepsy education and awareness. Each episode will include interviews and profiles of people living with epilepsy, facts and stats about epilepsy and seizures, tips on healthy living, and special guests from all over the entertainment world.

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Dr/Consultant Howard Faulkner, is a Epilepsy Neuro-Consultant in Bristol. In this podcast recording, Dr Faulkner talks about WOMEN AND EPILEPSY, providing a great insight and information in how Epilepsy and Seizures effect the female body, at all ages.

Podcast Duration: 1 Hour
Podcast Recorded: November 2012
Podcast Recorded at: Bristol Epilepsy Support Group Monthly Meeting


NAME: Dr Howard Faulkner

Year of first qualification: 2002, Imperial College, London
Specialty: Neurology
Clinical interest: Epilepsy, Epilepsy Surgery

Dr Howard Faulkner completed his BSc, PhD and MBBS at Imperial College, London before moving to Bristol for his Medical and General Neurology training. He then completed an Epilepsy and EEG Fellowship in Sydney, Australia, and was appointed as a consultant in 2011.

Dr Faulkner provides a full range of epilepsy services from first seizure clinics to epilepsy surgery workup.


This podcast was recorded and produced by SAM DOWNIE from Dsoundz Media.
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This is Episode 4 from the UK Epilepsy Podcast, and it comes from the Bristol Epilepsy support group, in Bristol, SW England. Follow the hashtag on Twitter: #ukepilepsypodcast for updates and more. And follow @BristolEpilepsy on Twitter ( ).


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This is episode 3 of the Epilepsy UK Podcast. It was recorded at the monthly Epilepsy Support Group meeting held in Bristol, United Kingdom, on October 2012.

In this episode – we hear from Dr Margaret Newson, Clinical Neuropsychologist at Frenchay NHS Hospital (in Bristol), who will discuss Epilepsy and its impact on Memory.

Episode 03: Epilepsy and Memory (October 2012)

Audio Duration: 1 Hour 10 Minutes
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Listen to this 1 hour podcast, to learn about how our brains and memory reacts to Epilepsy seizures, and why can’t we remember anything whilst a seizure takes place.


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This podcast is © Dsoundz Media ( ) and was recorded and edited by Sam Downie.
This podcast is episode 3 of the Epilepsy Podcast UK.

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PODCAST: Episode 2 | UK Epilepsy Podcast

This podcast series recorded, produced and presented by Sam Downie of Dsoundz Media and co-hosted with @AlastairMillen . In which they talk about epilepsy and the various aspects of the condition.

In the 2nd episode of the UK Epilepsy Podcast, join Sam + Alastair and guests Kristen and Ken, as we Talk about Epilepsy and the support that is out there around the world.

Episode 02: Epilepsy Foundation (4th October 2012)

Audio Duration: 1 Hour
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In this episode Ken Lowenberg, Senior Director of Communications, at the Epilepsy Foundation (USA) and one of the co-founders of a non-profit Epilepsy awareness charity – joins us, and talks about what and who the Epilepsy Foundation are, and what they do.

Ken talks about his work at The Epilepsy Foundation and The ‘Talk About It!’ Foundation and how he came to work with Greg Grunberg developing Talk About It! ( ) and what these organisations do for people with Epilepsy, engaging with many television and movie celebrity’s by asking them to lend a hand in helping raise awareness about Epilepsy that effects over 65 Million people around the world.

We are also joined by Kirsten, who talks about her experiences as a mother of her daughter, Meg who has epilepsy and how talking about it is so important with schools. So that the teachers and students know what to do if Meg has a seizure.

Please Note: This podcast was recorded using Skype, so there may be a few audio problems on this recording.

This podcast is hosted, edited and produced by Sam Downie from Dsoundz Media, find us online at:

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Ken Lowenberg : @klowenberg
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Sam : @samdownie
Greg Gunberg : @greggunberg
Talk About It : @talkaboutitorg

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PODCAST: Episode 1 | UK Epilepsy Podcast

This podcast series recorded, produced and presented by Sam Downie of Dsoundz Media and co-hosted with @AlastairMillen . In which they talk about epilepsy and the various aspects of the condition.

Episode 01: Talk About It

Date of Podcast: 5th September, 2012
Audio Duration: 1 Hour
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In this 1 hour podcast Sam and Alastair talk about their own experiences with epilepsy and how it effects them. They also talk about what support is out there and where to find it.

This podcast is brought to you in conjunction with the ‘Talk About It!’ Foundation, a non-profit Epilepsy awareness charity based in the USA, founded by Actor/Musician/App maker Greg Grunberg and Ken Lowneburg, founder of The Epilepsy Foundation.

This podcast, is part of their Talk About It! epilepsy awareness weekend, which started on Friday the 7th September 2012, and finished on the 9th September 2012.

For more information on the ‘Talk About It!’ weekend visit:

Visit the ‘Talk About It!’ website, and watch famous Celebrity’s talking with Greg Grunberg about Epilepsy at:

To join the ‘Talk About It!’ community, and join in with the chat – visit:

Thank you for listening, we aim to raise Epilepsy awareness- via us who have epilepsy and these podcasts.