Flu jab and Epilepsy

People with epilepsy are being urged by The Department of Health, to get their annual free flu jab this year!

Don’t wait until there’s a flu outbreak before getting your jab this winter, is the message being given to people with neurological conditions such as epilepsy. The Department of Health advises people who may be at risk of complications from flu, to contact their GP to book their annual free flu jab.

Flu is a highly infectious illness that spreads rapidly through coughs and sneezes. Flu symptoms (opens in a new window) can hit quite suddenly and severely and usually include fever, chills, headaches and aching muscles. You can often get a cough and sore throat.

You should visit your GP if you have flu-like symptoms and you:

  • are 65 years of age or over
  • are pregnant
  • have a long-term medical condition, such as diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, kidney or neurological disease
  • have a weakened immune system (the body’s natural defence against infection and illness)

Flu can be more serious for these groups and antiviral medication may need to be prescribed.

Read more about how to treat flu and who should see a doctor.

More advice is available from NHS Choices (opens in a new window).

By Sam Downie

Adult with Seizures, Autism and a Lung/Breathing Condition caused by post-emergency Appendectomy surgery. BAFTA & British Council supported Autistic Neurodivergent Filmmaker, Voice Over, Actor, Presenter, Podcaster and Content Creator. Ambassador for Epilepsy Awareness Day at Disneyland Resort. Volunteer for Bristol Epilepsy Support Group. Visit the website : http://www.dsoundz.co.uk