PODCAST: Episode 2 | UK Epilepsy Podcast

This podcast series recorded, produced and presented by Sam Downie of Dsoundz Media and co-hosted with @AlastairMillen . In which they talk about epilepsy and the various aspects of the condition.

In the 2nd episode of the UK Epilepsy Podcast, join Sam + Alastair and guests Kristen and Ken, as we Talk about Epilepsy and the support that is out there around the world.

Episode 02: Epilepsy Foundation (4th October 2012)

Audio Duration: 1 Hour
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In this episode Ken Lowenberg, Senior Director of Communications, at the Epilepsy Foundation (USA) and one of the co-founders of TalkAboutIt.org a non-profit Epilepsy awareness charity – joins us, and talks about what and who the Epilepsy Foundation are, and what they do.

Ken talks about his work at The Epilepsy Foundation and The ‘Talk About It!’ Foundation and how he came to work with Greg Grunberg developing Talk About It! (www.talkaboutit.org ) and what these organisations do for people with Epilepsy, engaging with many television and movie celebrity’s by asking them to lend a hand in helping raise awareness about Epilepsy that effects over 65 Million people around the world.

We are also joined by Kirsten, who talks about her experiences as a mother of her daughter, Meg who has epilepsy and how talking about it is so important with schools. So that the teachers and students know what to do if Meg has a seizure.

Please Note: This podcast was recorded using Skype, so there may be a few audio problems on this recording.

This podcast is hosted, edited and produced by Sam Downie from Dsoundz Media, find us online at: www.dsoundz.co.uk

Talk About It : www.talkaboutit.org
The Epilepsy Foundation : www.epilepsyfoundation.org

Yowza! : www.getyowza.com

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Greg Gunberg : @greggunberg
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By Sam Downie

Adult with Seizures, Autism and a Lung/Breathing Condition caused by post-emergency Appendectomy surgery. BAFTA & British Council supported Autistic Neurodivergent Filmmaker, Voice Over, Actor, Presenter, Podcaster and Content Creator. Ambassador for Epilepsy Awareness Day at Disneyland Resort. Volunteer for Bristol Epilepsy Support Group. Visit the website : http://www.dsoundz.co.uk